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Case Histories - Patients speaks

Jaundice cured by acupunture

Heart blockage-cured through simple water magnetic therapy

Anus Inflammation and itching

Anal fissures

Parkinson's disease

Varicose Veins

Tennis Elbow vanished

Frozen shoulders vanished

Neck pain & back pain vanished

Head Ache

Cholestral under control

Slip Disc

Menopause-irregular periodsSurgery avoided

Menstrual irregularities

Kidney stones vanished

Knee Pain

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Jaundice cured faster with Acupuncture treatment. Says Jija Subramanian.

In the beginning of March 201, my husband started complaining of extreme tiredness and loss of hunger, I noticed his skin was slightly yellowish in colour. The Doctor felt he only needed rest and that there was no sign of jaundice. We decided to have a thorough check up. Tests revealed his Bilirubin levels and Cholesterol levels were very high. Under Dr. Bhojraj's guidance, I started acupuncture treatment for my husband He was given acupuncture everyday alternating Spleen 6 reduction formula and Liver 1 increase formula. Within 3 days his skin colour was back to normal and even started working. Tests done after 10 days showed great improvement. I started needling him only twice a week again Sp 6 decrease formula and Liv 1 increase formula. Tests taken 15 days later showed that most of the parameters were back to normal. For another month I gave him Sp6 reduction once a week and everything came back to normal.

All thanks to Acupuncture and Dr. Bhojraj. My husband was cured without any medication. Even the doctor was amazed at the speed of his recovery.

[P.S. : Mrs. Jija has completed the Advance Acupuncture Course conducted by Dr. H. Bhojraj and now assisting Dr. Bhojraj in our Academy]

June 2012

Heart blockage (cured through water magnetic therapy)

Case study: As reported by Mr.S.Karthik/Ms.Shwetha

A Patient had heart attack and was immediately shifted to hospital where he had underwent an open heart surgery. The patient got two more strokes again and doctor attended on the patient opined that there is still likely blockage in arteries and need to be again treated.

Due to financial implications, the patient could not pursue treatment further in hospital and was discharged from hospital on the insistence of relatives.

Ms.Shwetha,a budding practitioner of acupuncture and acupressure, advocated the following alternate simple magneto therapy.

Every day morning to take a spoon of following items in empty stomach:

1) Apple vinegar of 1/2 spoon and 1/2 spoon of water = Total 1 spoon

2) Consume magnetic charged water:

Procedure for preparing the magnetic charged water:

Keep one glass of water on North Pole of medium power magnet and another glass of water on South Pole of medium power magnet over the night.

Mix both glass of water in the morning, and consume it throughout the day in small quantities.

The patient followed this treatment for two months without discontinuing allopathic treatment during this period as per the directives from doctor. After this treatment, the patient was re- examined and found that there is no blockage as per diagonistic report .

Please note: The report is as given by practioner (individual) ,may be a specific case and still research may need to be done further on the effectiveness of this method, in general for heart ailment.

January 2012

Anus Inflammation and itching

case Report by Ms.Vimala Mob:9845511874

I came across a patient (Lady) suffering from anus inflammation , swollen anus and itiching.For a few days. she had severe pain while passing motion with the bowel movement becoming hard and dry.

The treatment given was large intestine humidity reduction and wind increase and dryness reduce in large intenstine.She was also adviced to perform ashwini mudra twice daily.

The pain and itching reduced immediately after the treatment and within a week the anus inflammation had completely vanished.

I thank Dr.Bhojraj for his excellent guidence for treating this patient and solution was effective.

December 2011

Mrs Girija Krishnappa


In 2001, I had severe back ache and shoulder-neck pain and was neither able to move my thumb nor cut vegetables.

I consulted a NEURO SURGEON and he could not find out the root cause of the pain despite several x-rays taken. However, he prescribed some pain killers, which helped in reducing the pain for some time, but after the course, the pain again increased, this time with more intensity.

When approached the Neuro surgeon again, he advocated for MRI scan and it was taken. The scan revealed C5 and C6 of the vertebrae had slided-off from its normal position by 1 millimeter and the surgeon suggested for a surgery.

I was not prepared for the operation, as I had already undergone 3 surgeries - 2 c sections and 1 hysterectomy and also I had other problems like acidity, BP and piles. I was looking for second consultation.

At that time I came to know about the acupressure & acupuncture treatment by Dr. Bhojraj. When I visited him, he gave me the confidence that my ailments could be cured by Acupressure and Acupuncture and no necessity for surgery.

Initially the treatment was given every week and then tapered to once a month .Subsequently as good improvement was seen; the treatment was further tapered to once in 3-4 months.

Now I am perfectly relieved of my pains and ailments. Also the problem of acidity, BP are under control for the past 11 years, without taking any pain-killers or any tablets.

I thank Dr.Bhojraj for his effective treatment.

October 2011

S.Krishaveni (Acupuncture Practioner ) reports her experience on treatments for most common ailents

Contact no. :+91 9941058000
e-mail id :

I am S.Krishnaveni, and have been under guidance of Dr H.Bhojraj for last 36 months after completing my advanced acupuncture course conducted by him. I have been in the field of Alternative therapy for quite some time, but I must confess that it's only after my sincere apprenticeship under Dr.H.Bhojraj, there has been remarkable improvement in solving my patients problems. Dr H. Bhojraj's techniques are very unique and solves the symptoms as well as the root causes of the concerned disease.

Here are few case studies of my family members who have benefitted from my treatment. I have purposefully included my family members as case studies , as I could see significant and tremendous improvement in their life styles after undergoing treatment from me.

Case 1:

My husband aged 37 was suffering from anal fissures for last 3 years, due to his job constraints. Though he has been taking medication for last 3 years the problem has been reoccurring. After giving the below treatment consecutively for 2 sittings with a gap of 2 weeks between each sitting, there has been significant improvement and considerable reduction of fissures reoccurring , even though his demands of continuously using the computer has been only increasing.

Treatment given: Li 11 (dec ) Li 3 (inc ) Li 1 (dec ) Tw 10 (dec ).

Case 2:

My father aged 65, was suffering from Parkinson's disease for 3 yrs. His movements and his speech had become very slow. So he was not able to go anywhere. He was taken to an allopathy doctor . He was under medications. After taking medicines, he was always feeling sleepy and tired due to anti-depressant drugs. Studying his symptoms for a period of two weeks, I customized the acupuncture treatment which would improve the root cause of his problem. Through the grace of God and under the guidance of my Guru, I could see the smile back in my father's face. He could not control his joy as he has got his lost freedom from his sufferings. He is now able to do his day to day work without depending on anyone. He has also gained confidence in taking his two -wheeler independently, which he has done after a gap of 4-5 years.

Treatment given: P 8 (inc ) P 3 (dec ) P 7 (inc ) CV hotness (inc ).

Case 3:

My mother aged 59, is a diabetic patient for 8 yrs. She is under medications. Though she is taking medicines, often she feels tired. After giving 4 sittings of acupuncture treatment , her blood sugar level has come down to normal and also she is feeling energetic .

Treatment given : Sp 6 (dec ) Liv 1 (inc ) Lu 8 (dec ) P 7 (dec ).

Case 4:

My mother-in-law aged 60, was suffering from varicose veins for 15 yrs. She was not able to stand for a long period. Her legs below the knee had become black in colour. She was taking some allopathy medicines and applying oil to the legs. She has not observed any change . But after this acupuncture treatment her legs are now changing to reddish brown colour and her leg pain has also reduced.

1 st Treatment given: Sp 6 (dec ) Liv 1 (inc ) Lu 8 (dec ) P 7 (dec ).
Alternately Liv 1 (inc ) Lu 8 (dec ) H 7 (inc ) P 9 (inc ).

Case 5 :

My sister aged 35, was suffering from frozen shoulder for 3 yrs. She was taking pain killers for the shoulder pain. After doing acupressure, she got relieved from the pain . Now she stopped taking medicines and pressing the acupressure points on her own for the pain relief.

Also she had menstrual problems i.e., irregular menses. After this treatment , she got her cycles regularly.

Treatment given: Lu 10 (inc ) Lu 5 (dec ) Lu 9 (inc ) P 8 (inc ).
Menstrual problem : Sp 6 (dec ) Liv 1 (inc ) Lu 8 (dec ) P 7 (dec ).

September 2011

Tennis Elbow -Cured


I was having pain in the left elbow joint for the past 6 months. I tried Homoeopathic treatment for relief. However the pain continued. I approached you for accupressure treatment. I had two consultations with you to have an accupressure treatment.

I was also told to press the required accupressure points at home for faster relief.I am happy to write that the pain in the elbow has considerably reduced and I am feeling great.

Thank you for providing me an effective treatment.

Frozen Shoulders vanished - After Acupuncture treatment

Name : Rangaiah V.M. Age : 72 years. Address : 706, Ansal Krishna II Appts., Audugodi, Bangalore.

In February 2011, I met with an accident and was operated upon for a wrist injury. Eversince, I have a feeling of numbness and had difficulty using my fingers. Other problems were frozen shoulder, knee pain and thigh pain. My daughter-in-law suggested that I see Dr. Bhojraj. After the 1st sitting itself, I was able to lift my hand and get a good night's sleep. The fingers were also back to normal. After 6 sittings. I could walk well and there has been no numbness.

August 2011

Kidney stones vanished - After Acupuncture treatment-Self Report by Mr.Ramaswamy

I am Ramaswamy, 60 years old and I was suffering from back pain, pain in the scrotum, burning sensation at the tip of the reproductive organ.I am not having Diabetese.Despite my urine report showed normal , my urination frequency had increasedconsiderably resulting in disturbed sleep especially during night andin fact one night I had urinated 9 times with a frequency of 45 mins.

An abdominal scan showed one 4 mm. kidney stone in each kidney as well as an enlarged prostrate.The Urologist reported that all my symptoms were due to the kidney stones and enlarged prostrate.He administerd medicines to be taken for 3 months.

There were a lot of restrictions on my food items.Due to thepresence of kidney stones I was adviced to avoid cabbage, cauliflower,tomato, carrot, potato, beet, radish,onions,spinach, milk products etc;I was at my wits end.

My search for an alternate cure led me to Dr. Bhojraj. I can say that it was providential.Dr. Bhojraj assured me that the kidney stones can be disolved completely & in turn this will automatically restore prostrate to normal size.

I was administered acupuncture in 4 sittings ,at one week interval. I was asked to observe my urine color also .After the third sitting the urine turned dark yellow in color.My urinating frequency had reduced.I started sleeping well.

Subsequent to Acupuncture treatment,I went in for a scan again on the 23rd of July 2011. The doctor who did the scan was surprised to see the disappearance of kidney stones & normal prostrate.(Click here to view the medical report)

I am delighted. My life has returned to normal.Having personally experienced it, I am now recommending Dr. Bhojraj to my contacts.Shortly, I shall be joining the one year advanced acupuncture course conducted by Dr. Bhojraj.I personally state that Dr. Bhojraj is a boon to mankind.

Though Dr.Bhojraj consider the metod as a science,I consider this as nothing short of a miracle.In allopathy there is no proven medical treatment for theailments except surgery as I know.

Ramaswamy. Hypnotist.
Mobile: 09845012283

Febraury 2011


I came for treatment to Dr.Bhojraj with a complaint of pain & weakness in my knee.Dr.Bhojraj gave treatment and within two weeks,my knee pain vanished and my leg became normal.I was really excited and immediately I enrolled mysellf for acupressure course conducted by Dr.Bhojraj.Towards the end of my course,under the guidance and encouragement Dr.Bhojraj,I started treating my family members.Thanks to Dr.H.Bhojaj .

Case -1:

Treatment done for sneezing and Rashes,Cough & cold:

My daughter aged 11 was suffering from bout of sneezing lasting 15-20 minutes every dayand also had rashes.I treated my daughter through acupressure technique and it took nearly one month to get her cured and since three months ,shehas not had a single bout.

My younger daughter,aged 9 years,used to get very often cold and cough and it has become a routine affair for me to take her to Allopathy doctor.After treatment with acupressure,she seldom gets cough and cold for the last four months and even she gets ,I could cure her without allopathic medication.

Case -2:

Treatment done for Shoulder & Neck pain:

My husband,aged 50 years,used to complain of pain around shoulder and neck region.He was treated with tablets and traction by our family doctor.I tried massage treatment on him for a week in December 2010 and he has fully recovered from the ailment and he is fully comfortable with massage treatment asit gives good relief.

Case -3:

Treatment done for Psoriasis & Dandruf:

My husband was also having Psoriasis and dandruf probem over 20 years and acupressure treatment has helped him to get cured of dandruf completely and also discontinue of use of ointment for Psoriasis.

Case - 4:

Treatment done for Knee pain:

The most remarkable and satisfying case I handled is treatment to my mother-in-law,aged 76 years .In mid December 2010,one day all of a sudden,she developed unbearable pain on the left leg and she could not move the leg also.She was advocated for a knee replacement by orthopedist.Added to this,she was advised not to use Indian toilet and also should not sit legs crossed.I have given acupressure treatment andher pain has almost vanished and she has become fit for normal walking and travel.Infact,after the treatment,she is freely goes for walking comfortably.

For the details of actual tratment,contact Mrs.Jija Subramanian by e-mail.